I am Michelle. First and foremost, I am a wife and mother. My career paths in life have led me to photography. It is my love for children that led me into photography. My own children, Corey, Bailey, and Paige helped me to see the world and all of it’s beauty. Wanting to capture their every moment led me to want to help other families capture their precious moments. I cherish the photos I have of my children as they grow, and want to provide you with the same luxury. Our children are only small for a short bit of time, and when they are grown, the photographs will be our strongest memories of those precious times. One of my biggest regrets is not knowing or having true newborn photos done with my children, and I have made it my goal to provide families with beautiful images of their precious new babies.

I am a newborn photographer based in Staunton, IL (just a hop..skip..and a jump from St. Louis), serving the St. Louis Area.  I am blessed to live on 6 beautiful acres which provides beautiful portraits for my family sessions, as well as a studio in town which I shoot gorgeous images of newborns and toddlers. There is nothing better than spending time with a precious newborn as they experience the world in those first few days of life. The images I capture of your new bundle will serve to remind you of how little and new they once were. As a parent myself, I remember those first few days of life so well and remember how precious and little my babies once were. Providing you with wonderful images of this time is my ultimate goal. I also love spending time with families and silly children as they play and interact in a natural way. My goal is to capture you and your family just being yourselves as opposed to sitting stiffly, and trying to plaster on a fake smile.

Shutterbug Photography by Michelle is a custom photography experience, unlike big chain stores or moms with a camera. A countless amount of time, effort, money and experience have gone into the makings of Shutterbug Photography and I hope that you will appreciate and cherish the custom photography experience. Custom photography is not for everyone, and is reserved for those who want nothing but the best with their brand new babies, their growing families or their precious children.